Adidas World Cup Football Boots

 Manufactured by Adidas
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The Adidas World Cup football boots are an icon in the modern game which still hold their place as one of our most popular models.†The Adidas World Cup are an SG football boot which are a favourite with professional and amateur footballers for over 20 years, and for good reason!

Made from Kangaroo leather, the upper is soft and light, allowing footballers to feel more of than ball than ever while their flexible sole with screw-in studs is ideal for very soft conditions

The design of the Adidas World Cup football boots has been largely unchanged since their debut with the white foldover tongue and white 3-stripe design on the side of the football boots instantly recognisable.

  • K-Leather Upper
  • Classic Foldover Tongue
  • 6 screw-in stud design
  • Flexible forefoot
  • adidas Originals logos

Worn by 3 out of 3 ACA Staff Footballers (everyone else†is too old)!