Mitre Pro Futsal Ball

 Manufactured by Mitre
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Mitre have introduced a new Futsal ball to the specialist football range, named the Mitre Pro Futsal ball. This specialist football is designed to encourage the skills that we all love to watch in junior and amateur football.

Features of this Mitre Futsal Football.

This FIFA approved Mitre Pro Futsal ball is a professional level football that has a tough PU outer casing and with a reduced rebound of 30%, making it ideal for teaching the skills of the game.

The heavy weight low rebound latex bladder makes it the perfect Mitre Futsal for training with.

Advantages of using the Mitre Pro Futsal ball.

The whole idea of the futsal ball is so that the ball is kept on the ground and it is great game to play to encourage close control and sharp passing, aspects of the game that are very important