Canterbury ArmourFit Top : White Long Sleeve

 Manufactured by Canterbury
Canterbury ArmourFit Top : White Long Sleeve on sale nowACA Price: £22.50 
Size: XXL

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The Canterbury ArmourFit long sleeve top in White allows for an optimum temperature to be kept throughout sporting activity. The Canterbury ArmourFit concept allows for active temperature control for athletes and this top is designed for being worn in the cold to help keep you warm.

The technology behind the Canterbury ArmourFit clothing actively wicks sweat away from the body helping you to keep cool and is lightweight too, plus its anti-bacterial agents in the fabric help to keep your gear smelling fresh.

Another feature of the Canterbury ArmourFit top is its stretch fabric that will appear tight at first but as these items are normally worn under padding it is better to get a tight a fit as possible for an optimum fit.