Nike Seitiro Match Ball : Premier League

 Manufactured by Nike
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The Nike Seitiro match ball is the official English Premier League match ball for the 2011/12 season. This stunning Nike match ball is will be used in every Premier League match during the 2011/12 season by some of the world finest players.

The 2011/12 Premier League match ball is made from a micro textured casing that offers outstanding ball control by equalizing the airflow around the ball when in flight, the Nike match ball also features a compressed polyethylene layer that stores energy from impact and releases it at launch for more explosive power.

The Nike Seitiro match ball features a depth enhancing design on the ball, coloured in white with a blue and orange pattern, it's designed to catch the peripheral vision allowing you to see the ball quicker.

The 2011/12 Nike Seitiro Premier League match ball has a perfectly spherical design that allows for the football to fly further, faster and more accurately when struck. Play like the professionals in the Premier League with the stunning Nike Seitiro match ball.