Diamond Football Speed Chute

 Manufactured by Diamond
ACA Price: £15.96

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The Speed Chute, from Diamond, is a must have for teams looking for a major improvement in their football speed training, as the Speed Chute is designed to add resistance while a player is running forward, which will build strength, acceleration and fitness.

An easy to use design, the Speed Chute is strapped around the waist or chest of the player looking to work on their speed training. The player then runs and the chute adds a considerable amount of drag.

The chute features a blue and white colourway, with a lightweight and easily packed away design, saving players and teams time after training.

  • Diamond Pro quality design, ensuring an effective workout
  • Designed with strap, which is places around the waist or chest
  • Helps build power, technique and forces players to maximise acceleration.