Diamond Self Righting Hurdle Set

 Manufactured by Diamond
ACA Price: £47.95

Availability: Dispatched Within 48 Hours

The Self Righting Hurdle set is made by Diamond football and is a quality training tool that will help boost any teams agility and fitness. Great for use in sprinting exercises and developing foot control.

The hurdles are available in a set of 5 and are made with durable material that can withstand all the knocks that come with training. The hurdles are 18 inches high, large enough to give players a testing workout.

As the name suggests, the hurdles are constructed to correct themselves and sit back in place, when they are knocked over, ensuring training drills are not interrupted.

  • Set includes 5 hurdles
  • Hurdles are 18 inches high
  • Self righting construction means the hurdles correct themselves when knocked over