Scotland Home Shirt : 2011/2013 Long Sleeve

 Manufactured by Adidas
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This is the 2011/2013 long sleeve version of the Scotland home shirt. The new Scotland home shirt from sponsor Adidas will be worn during all home 2011/2013 matches.

The long sleeve Scotland home shirt design.

A stylish long sleeve Scotland football shirt in a dark navy, with white detailing, which fans will want to get a hold of quickly. The shirt features a new Scotland football badge which actually has the look of an old one. The classic round logo encircling the teams sheild is a fan favourite and gladly returns.

Also included in this Scotland football shirt.

As well as this, the Scotland home shirt features a white polo shirt style collar with a saltire at it's base, and a custom Saltire logo across the front of the shirt.

This Saltire design takes elements from Scotland football history, including features of the badge, the old and new Hampden parks and even the design of the football from a famous victory against the Auld Enemy.

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