Precision Training First Aid Supplies : Medi Kit C

 Manufactured by Precision
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The Precision Training first aid supplies medi kit C is a refill kit for the medi grab bag and the junior medi bag.

In this Precision Training medi kit C you will get enough first aid supplies to top up your bag. The medi kit C provides you with several dressings, bandages and a foil heat blanket.

  • 1x Guidance Leaflet
  • 1x Crepe Bandage 7.5cm x 4.5m
  • 1x Pack of 10 Waterproof Dressing IWS
  • 1x Medium Sterile Sports Dressing 12 x 12 cm
  • 1x Pack of 4 Big Plasters 10cm x 9cm
  • 1x Pack of 6 Wound Cleansing Wipes
  • 1x Nitrile Gloves Medium
  • 1x Pack of 5 Swabs Sterile 10 x 10cm
  • 1x Triangular Bandage Non Woven
  • 1x Instant Cold Pack
  • 1x Sports Foil Heat Blanket Adult Size
  • 1x Pack of 10 Fabric Dressing IWS