Mitre Tensile Football

 Manufactured by Mitre
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The Mitre Tensile football is designed for professional use and is Mitre's most advanced ever football. With a new 10 panel construction, the Mitre Tensile features advanced aerodynamics to ensure high performance use in all conditions.

New features in the Mitre Tensile.

The hand stitched Tensile comes with a Clarino micro fibre material, which along with a cincap lining offer outstanding balance, grip and control in the most demanding conditions.

The unique 10 panel design on this Mitre Tensile football provides the footballer with expectional power, accuracy and control for high performance use at the highest level.

By reducing stitching, and using new materials in production, the Mitre Tensile boasts a smoother and therfore round surface, with truer flight and less drag for performance unparalleled.