Mitre Futsal Ball : Meteor

 Manufactured by Mitre
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The Mitre Futsal ball named Meteor. The Meteor Futsal ball from Mitre, offers all the aspects of a top Mitre Futsal ball at an affordable price.

The Meteor from the Mitre Futsal range.

Based on the Brazilian Futebol de Salao, and using aspects of the game which can help in a football context, the Meteor Mitre Futsal aims to ensure players learn to play football on the floor, first and foremost.

The advantages of this Mitre Futsal ball.

The Mitre Futsal Meteor offers low rebound, or bounce, which forces players to pass or concentrate on foot skill, as opposed to long or over the top passing. A common and unmistakable feature of brazillian football for many years.

A high performance approved Mitre Futsal.

Both the SFA and FA approve of these ideas and encourage the use of the futsal balls such as this Meteor Mitre Futsal ball, especially at youth stages.