Hummel Technical X Short Sleeved Football Kit : Set of 15

 Manufactured by Hummel
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The Technical X Hummel Short Sleeved football kit in a set of 15 is a superb set of team kit including jersey, shorts and socks. Ideal for clubs of all levels to kit out there team for the new season.

Features of the set of 15 Hummel Technical X football kit.

The Hummel Technical X football kit features top spec technologys to ensure your team can perform in optimum conditions, included in this Hummel short sleeved football kit is:

  • 15 x Short sleeved Hummel Technical X football jerseys
  • 15 x Hummel Technical X poly shorts
  • 15 x Hummel Bee Authentic football socks
  • 15 x Free football shirt numbering
  • 1 x Free ACA Sports kitbag

The Hummel Techncal X short sleeved football kit is available at a great discounted price and in a wide range of colours to match your teams needs.