Club Badge Embroidery - Template

 Manufactured by ACA Sports
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You can add club badge embroidery using one of our templates if you don't have a current club logo. The colour and text can be altered to suit your needs in each template, but please note we will still require a set-up disc to be ordered for each altered template.

How to order and alter a club badge template.

To order club badge embroidery from a template, please choose the template name from the drop down menu, these are given in the image viewer above. You can then choose a colour to have the badge embroidered in, though more colours can be added if you request them in your order comments. Please then select the quantity of club badges to be embroidered.

You should also give further details such as the team name in your order comments so that our Graphic Designer can build the the template for your club badge embroidery and pass it to you for review.