Armadillo Body Protection : Calf/Achilies Protector

 Manufactured by Armadillo
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The Armadillo body protection calf and achilies protector. This brand new piece of body protection from Armadillio, is a superb calf and achilies protector designed to reduce the risk of injury.

This protector is designed with a super lightweight and flexible soft layer foam, to mould to the back of the leg covering and supporting the calf muscle and achilies tendon.

The Armadillo protector uses special over lapping aridite plates to difuse impact energy, aswell as microporous silica membrane plates to wick away sweat and moisture.

A superb piece of body protection, proven to protect all sportsmen and women at a low cost price.

Sizing guide : Small -  4" - 4'.7", -  Medium - 4'.7" - 5'.3", -  Large - 5'.3" - 5'.11", -  XL - 5'.11" - 6'.3".