Canterbury Ionx Shirt : Short Sleeve Hot

 Manufactured by Canterbury
Canterbury Ionx Shirt : Short Sleeve Hot on sale nowACA Price: £20.50 
Colour: White
Size: XXL

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The Hot Canterbury Ionx shirt, in short sleeves, is designed for wear in hot conditions as it helps cool the body through moisture transport and breathability.

The Canterbury Ionx shirt also offer compression support, as with all Canterbury base layer shirts, which is becoming one of the most popular technologies to grace the world of sport.

By ensuring the body is tighter, muscles can work more efficiently and powerfully as all movement occurs on the muscles natural direction, which can be upset by vibration and movement when running, kicking etc.

But the exciting new technology in these shirts comes in the guise of Canterbury Ionx! This technology creates a negative ion filed around the body, which helps counteract the positive ions in the atmosphere and body that are more frequently found due to the increase in electrical technologies.

Negative Ions are known to aid the body in increasing blood flow and provide a feeling of well being and calm, a perfect combination for sport.