Mitre Ultimax Football

 Manufactured by Mitre
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The Mitre Ultimax football is a long standing favourite at all levels of football and is one of Mitre's best selling footballs. The Mitre Ultimax football is a top level elite football, which features soft touch microfibre, professional 4 way lining and a Maxloc3 high air retention system.

Features of this Mitre Ultimax football.

The Mitre Ultimax contains Mitre's latest technology for professional level performance, having been through the FIFA stringent top 7 test to ensure this Mitre football is the best every time.

Suitable for natural turf only, the Mitre Ultimax football is a high performance football, used by top established clubs and holds the title of the World's first 100mph+ football!

  • Microfibre Professional Quality Outer
  • 26 panel design which optimises flight
  • 4 way balanced lining system
  • Supreme quality bladder